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Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning

Do these sound familiar to you?

“You’re too aggressive.”
“You’re too sassy.”
“Nobody cares about that.”
“We don’t talk about those things.”
“You’re playing the race card.”
“Black women just aren’t qualified.”
“She’s too quiet.”
“Maybe it’s all in your head.”
“Don’t get offended. It’s just a joke.”
“Your hair is real????”

Triggering, right?

These are a combination of my experiences in the workplace along with other women who have faced offensive remarks from people who thought this type of behavior was OK.

After a trip to HR, however, they quickly learned that I am NOT the one. There have been times where I have been so stunned about things that have been said to me. Other times, I did what I had to do, stood up for myself, and lit up a paper trail.

Say it with me: “I HAVE TIME TO-DAY!”

Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean you’re difficult or threatening. It doesn’t make you mean or a bitch.

It means that you value yourself more than enough to know that disrespect is not an option. Period.

Let’s Do This: How have you had to stand up for yourself in the workplace? Share with me in the comments.

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