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Being a Boss

Being a Boss

The definition of a side hustle: That dream about a business that turned into your second job that lengthens your days but fulfills your spirit.


Also see: An intentional grind.


Someone helping me with my resume turned into a years-long hobby for me … until I filed LLC papers, designed and launched a website, invested in equipment, and lined up staff.


I am still learning how to be a business owner, but I am loving this process AND the difference I am making in the lives of my clients.


Here’s the last text to my dad before he passed in 2018: “I’m starting a business. I think you’ll like the name … The Lassiter Firm.”


His response: “Well, congratulations. As CEO, I will maintain all cash, payroll, and records. Seriously, I’m proud of you. When you get the time, tell me more about it. Luv ya.”



Let’s Do This: Do you have a side hustle? Post your handle/website in the comments. Support is what we do over here!

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