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Joy and Pain

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Joy and Pain

Me looking at this week: Do not come in here acting a fool. 

I have been struggling to put my thoughts together in order to process and cope with last week. Once a life is gone, it’s gone. There was no justice, which means there is still no peace. 

A guilty verdict illustrated accountability, but as more lives were taken and remembered, the pain of experiencing an ongoing reckless regard for Black lives is exhausting and unbearable. In this midst of this pain, it almost feels wrong to want to find joy. Hopelessness can be consuming. 

What’s happening around us can impact our day-to-day responsibilities as well. I often talk to my teams about the importance of mental health days and communicating with me on when they need time off. I am also vocal with my supervisor about the same for myself. 

I encourage you to advocate for yourselves in all the ways that make sense for you. 

  • Take some time off. The work will always be there. 
  • Do what pleases you: Naps, movies, ordering takeout, hiking, turning off your phone 
  • Release: Write. Blog. Talk. Scream. Pray. 
  • Love yourself. We all deserve happiness and freedom.

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