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Burnout is Real

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Burnout is Real

For the past few weeks, I have had a feeling that I couldn’t quite shake. But, I kept pushing through. I moved some things around and, as I usually do, made it work. I even managed to get out of town for a much-needed weekend at a resort. 

Nevertheless, I couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness and uncertainty. I felt like I was making miracles happen with my time but also was at a breaking point. 

And then … it hit me all at once. Professional challenges from those unqualified to do my job. Playing schedule roulette with clients and schoolwork. Weight gain. Voter suppression. Hate crimes. Racial injustice on trial (again)

To top it off, I delivered a lecture on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. My professor and classmates engaged throughout the class period, which was awesome (I love to teach!) but the topic was also very heavy and added to my emotional load.

This, my friends, is what burnout looks like. 

I originally planned to take a week off earlier this month but I am grateful that I chose the last week in March instead. I am going to see my family soon, and I can’t wait to get back home. I pray I find some peace. 

If you are feeling burned out as well, I encourage you to take the time for yourself. Mental health days are essential for your well-being. Time off, whether you live in your PJs for a week or take a road trip, is only going to revitalize your spirit. 

There will be no making it work over the next few days. It will only be rest. 


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