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Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged

It never fails.

When I’m in a situation where I am feeling hopeless and lost, I begin to strategize my next steps. Even when I get a rejection, I wonder … what else does God have in store for me? What did he block in order for me to gain more?

In my professional life, I have always written/spoken my next move into existence. Sometimes, it happened within a month of writing it down. Other times, it took a year or 2.

Over time, I began to understand that this was God’s ways of saying, “Not yet.”

Four years into one job, I began to search again. The stress of harrassment and microaggressions became too much, and I wanted out. I remember being angry and frustrated.

Why would God leave me in this hell?

Turns out, I wasn’t in hell. He had more in store for me and moved me in a different direction.

Such as … I began to book more conferences and found myself on planes traveling as far north as Rhode Island, as far south as Florida, and as far west as California. Between the resume bullets, networking and Sky Miles, He also made a way for me to experience incredible things. I also won a few more awards, including two national honors.

I met more people and gained new skills. Two years later, I got an opportunity that would not have been possible if I had exited when I wanted to.

That is the faith that I stand on today. I know He will protect me and guide me. So, I’m just here for the journey.

From me to you: Be encouraged. Be patient. Be assured.


  • August 9, 2021

    “Be encourage. No matter what’s going on. He’ll make it alright…”


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