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Back to School #InTheMiddleOfAPandemic

Back to School #InTheMiddleOfAPandemic

A new year brings with it a new semester. After FIVE WEEKS OF FREEDOM … it’s #backtoschool. This is semester #4 for me. 


In 2019, I started a new job in February and the first semester of my PhD program began that August. Three classes, all on campus ‒ including one on a FRIDAY at noon 😐 ‒ was challenging but I found my groove and got through it. 


Spring 2020 kicked off with only 2 classes for me, also on campus. 

Then … COVID. 


The good news: One extra week of spring break. 

The other news: Everything moved online. 


I prefer in-class settings because I am an active learner so I was seriously concerned about my ability to learn in an online setting. I even told my Plan of Study committee (the folks who will develop my comps questions) that I wasn’t sure if I would continue in the program beyond the spring if everything would remain online. However, I adjusted and still earned a 4.0. #Lit 


I said #HellNo to summer classes and ate my way through a pandemic + found creative ways to kick it now that all of my summer trips were now kaput. 


#NoRegrets: I had an AWESOME summer, even in the midst of COVID. And I am grateful. 


Fall 2020 was a game-changer: All of my classes were online and would be synchronous. So, I took a risk: I enrolled in 3 classes. Three intense classes. 


God has a way of working things out. Let’s just say the risk paid off! I have an infamous dry erase board which you can check on my highlights here and I literally shed tears once I wiped it clean at the end of the semester. Now, here I am, ready for MY LAST YEAR OF COURSEWORK. I’m proud of myself. This isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. S/O to all of the GSU Communication students – #WeGotThis. 


Let’s Do This: Do you have aspirations of earning an advanced degree? What challenges have you faced when starting a new job? Have you ever juggled work AND school? Let me know in the comments.


  • Louise Story

    September 2, 2021

    I am getting a lot from reading many of your blog posts. Especially glad to see the GPA 4.0 one semester. Also impressed in how you have developed your inner strength and confidence to continue your pursuit of PhD.


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