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And Just Like That …

And Just Like That …

Pencils: Down.
Laptop: Closed.
Papers: Submitted.
Final Grades: Done.

#AndJustLikeThat, I have wrapped up the semester. More than that, I have made it through six extremely transformative months.

Walking away from toxicity, taking a month off from working for anyone else, manifesting my goals of getting an assistantship and being hired to teach on the college level, securing contract work, and delivering my first conference keynote address: I did it.

I learned a lot of lessons about myself, and I’m better for it.

◼️ Boundaries: Refuse and resist things that do not serve you. Redefine your life on your own terms.
◼️ Fearlessness: Just freakin’ do it. Go for it. You’ll land on your feet.
◼️ Manifestation: Your vision is valuable. (see the previous bullet …)
◼️ Grace: Give it to yourself. Taking risks involves highs and lows. Learn from it all.
◼️ Rest: Just freakin’ do this, too. Seriously.

Thank you to everyone who poured positivity into my journey over these past few months. More to come …



    December 17, 2021

    Dr. Lassiter just sounds so RIGHT! So extremely in awe of your perseverance and drive. YOU did it! Let’s say it again …DR. LASSITER is in the Building.
    And also thanks so much for this blog and your insights. Your wit, clarity of thought and content and your fearlessness have come through for me several times. You are appreciated.
    Job well done!


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